Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Teach the child to apologize

You have to explain why there is little to apologize and the consequences that their actions can have on others
Teaching a child to apologize and admit his guilt is partof education in values, both the family and educators, should provide for its development. Parents may follow different patterns to learn to apologize from small: guide them, give example, perseverance and urgethem to correct

Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

The baby will not go to kindergarten: Five Keys to avoid trauma

Visit the center's facilities before the baby child and respect are key times to avoid separation anxiety arises
Mourn, kickingand refusing to come to the center are some of the common reactions during the first days of kindergarten. The separation of his parentsat an early age forces children to deal with an emotional situation for which there are often prepared. In most cases, this attitudeis

Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

Why is the baby crying? The seven most common reasons

Crying young child is different according to need or want to express feelings
For babies, crying is the main way of communicatingto people their needsand emotions. This article explains the seven most common reasons why a small child cries: hungry, tired or sleepy, feeling hot or cold, is uncomfortable, have colic, is unsafe or has excessive stimulation.
Crying is the main communication tool of

Baby's first days at home, instruction manual

Sort family visits, rest when he sleeps and does not neglect the power of parents are key to coping with the new baby
Returning home with the baby after birthcan cause great anxiety in parents beginner. But no need to panic. Here are six tips for coping essential baby arrives successfully. Some claim that, with the help and advice of family and health professionals, the best weapons to survive in

Tantrums: tricks to overcome

The tantrum is a normal reaction to frustration small to be corrected as soon as possible . In many homes the living room and every day drops to the floor, kicking and screaming nonstop when they get what they want and the worst is that this scene is not an exceptional situation but has become an everyday occurrence. Experts say that small two to four years through the tantrum expressed

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Costumes for Kids: 12 ideas homemade, simple and cheap

Costumes make at home is a great opportunity to play and do crafts with the kids
Carnival is one of the most popular holidays. And perhaps also the most fun, because it excites children and adults a a like. At this time, each other disguise, pretending to be someone else: historical characters, superheroes, monsters, athletes, rock stars ...The list is almost endless, as wide as the imagination,

Ten Tips for washing baby clothes

During the first few months, it is essential to wash the baby's clothes separately with mild soap and no fabric softeners
Thebaby's skinis much more delicate and sensitive than adults, so it is necessary for parents to pay particular attention to washing and garment care and clothes that are in direct contact with it. During the first few months you shoulduse specific laundry detergent for

Save on toys Reyes: nine ideas for making them at home

The homemade gifts, besides being cheap, allow children to participate in its manufacturing and create good times shared between parents and children
Making Christmas toys at homemakes parents spend good time withtheir children, thus streng thening thebond between them.
In addition,economic activity is in the child and encourages the habit of recycling and reusing every day materials.